Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 5: Jack's Story

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It was our last (full) day in Normandie.  We went to (the American Cemetery at) Omaha beach.  We found 4 to 8 bunkers - it was cool.  We saw the bunkers from the beach (and went exploring).  We were tired after the walk and we went for a drive around the coast.
The highlights of my trip: on day one went to the Airborne museum, on day two we went to the big German guns, on day three we went to 'craters and bunkers', day four was the big museum and the big bunker and you now know about day five. 
By Jack
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  1. The beach just looks like any other one and it is hard to believe what took place there and the different sight it would of been during the invasion. I've always liked North Head since I was a kid going through all of the tunnels so it must of been cool for the boys to be able to explore bunkers etc that were actually used.