Thursday, 5 January 2012


A bit of a heath update.. in case you missed the news I've had a fairly interesting christmas break (check out my last post for more details).  Late last week I got the results back of the biopsy which was taken on 23rd December. This confirmed a lymphoma non-hoskins type tumor.

Things are still moving pretty quickly and I went back into North Shore Hospital yesterday for a bone marrow biopsy and I'm going for a further CAT Scan this afternoon….  these last two procedures are primarily to help plan best course of treatment.   I expecting treatment to sometime next week - This will involve an initial phase of six, three week courses of chemotherapy.

I still pretty upbeat… things are moving along quickly and its good to that we've getting onto this problem. Thanks for all messages of support, much appreciated, sorry that I haven't responded or got in touch but will get around to this once I get my feet back on solid ground.