Monday, 24 March 2008

Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac


The Gardens of Marqueyssac date from the 17th century and are located on a cliff spur which would have been carved out by the formation of the Dordogne river. The gardens conveniently located in what I call the "tourist triangle" between Sarlat, Beynac and Castelnaud. You can get a sense of how busy these places will become in the summer by the size of the car park.

Every Easter they hold an Easter egg hunt (chasse aux oeufs) for kids, we went along to check it out.


It was good fun, the views of the valley were really spectacular and the gardens and walkways were beautiful. I'm keen to go back without the kids to explore the site more fully (there are over 6 kilometres of walking tracks).

The kids had good fun, coloured eggs (hard-boiled) were hidden all over the place and they had to find five different colours in order to redeem a small bag of chocolate treats. The weather was kind to us, while still cold the forecast rain and winds did not materialise.

Marqueyssac_Ange Marqueyssac_DadJames Marqueyssac_Jack

Marqueyssac_Boys2Marqueyssac_James Marqueyssac_Boys

Marqueyssac_Tunnel Marqueyssac_GardenMarqueyssac_Beynac

As with many places we have come across, entry for kids under 10 is free. Adults cost 7 euros each, I thought 14 euros for the five of us was pretty reasonable. You can just see Beynac Castle in the background of the last photo.