Sunday, 27 July 2008

Blog Holiday

Jack's Lengths

Alley Monpazier Market

Villefranche  Villefranche


Vineyard near Bergerac

Garden Fern

Everyone needs a holiday now and again, so can you take a holiday when you are already on holiday.  Sure you can, I just had to check with the boss who then referred me to the payroll department and bingo it was official: no blogs for a week. I'm back now, feeling refreshed and ready to fill in the gaps.

Ros, my mum, has now been with us for just over a week.  We have been cruising, spending lots of time by the pool and Mum has been giving the boys swimming lessons.  Jack has been training doing lengths, he is up to 130 now. Henry is still bobbing around as usual but at least now he doesn't sink (he has a bounce - float thing going on).  Young James has made the most progress: he has abandoned his water wings, has mastered his torpedo kick and is just starting to learn "big arms".


We haven't been on many outings as our car only has five seats, however that problem has been solved. Mum and I picked up her sister, Lainey from Carcassonne yesterday. We were going to catch the train and hitch a ride back in her rental, but I stuffed up and we missed the train and had to drive there and back.  

Lainey is staying for just over a week and we now have two cars to hop around in.  Lainey is the guru when it comes to natural foods and products - we will hopefully be soaking up lots of knowledge over the next week.


SUNFLOWERS: This topic will soon have its own entry but here is a picture to tease you.