Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Camping in Spain

Camping BeachView BeachView2 MyPool
Above: James experiments  with a Star Fish
Below: Jack leaps off the sand bank

We had great time down in Spain. While Pamplona was the definite highlight the beaches around San Sebastián were also fantastic. 

Our new tent worked out well, there is long story behind the purchase but it's fairly boring so I won't go there. We are planning a few more camping trips in August and September, so this was a test run and it worked out well.

We stayed in a campground just off the beach at Orio, it had pretty basic facilities but was close to the beach.  They had a pool but this involves yet another story - I think I'll stick to the highlights.

We had a great time exploring San Sebastián (picture below) on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Our favourite beach was Zarautz (above centre right) which was just around the corner from Orio.  Orio beach (above centre left) was nice but the surf was too rough for the kids.

Sunset SanSebast LateClock BeachCroc