Tuesday, 25 December 2007

25th December 2007

Christmas2007 Happy Christmas all.

We had a great family meal last night: Ange totally outdone herself as usual.  Ros was over and we all watched a family movie on TV1. After the kids went to bed we had lots of preparation to do and we only got to bed just after 12. 

The monkeys were up at 6am, as can be expected, and we managed to hold them off until 8:30am. Mum came over and we opened presents and had breakfast. Then we raced off to the beach - which was very pleasant (took the adjacent picture of Castor Bay through the flowering Pohutakawa with Rangitoto island in the background). 

Had cold meats for lunch with new potatoes and salad. Kids are playing Buzz Junior Monster Rumble, which was a present for James. Ros is sleeping on the couch - I'm jealous.
Beach Christmas 2007