Friday, 4 April 2008

Bordeaux Visit

Thursday 3 April: this meant I had a medical check-up scheduled for 3pm in Bordeaux. The medical is one of the requirements for my application for the Carte de Séjour (residency permit). Ange's appointment was also scheduled today but we cancelled it as someone had to mind the kids after school.

The appointment was laid back and the main aim is to check for Tuberculoses, which I can now confirm I don't have. Phew. Quite an expensive setup though: a radiography facility used exclusively for checking residence applicants. Anyway, I was just pleased that I can now "tick the box" and move on to the next requirement.

I caught the (only) 8am train from Le Buisson to Bordeaux. I arrived at 10am and was due to leave at 6pm, so I had the whole day to wander the streets.

I got to practice some French, had a coffee or two, shopped for birthday presents and generally stayed out of trouble.

I also found this really cool antique market warehouse that Ange could spend hours in (off the square of the Saint-Michel Basilica).

My conclusion: Bordeaux is a nice enough city, although some parts off the main streets could use a really good clean.

Coffee HotTShirt HugoVictorExpensiveOperaSquare

Main Attractions: Shopping (Rue Ste-Catherine). The art gallery is supposed to be very good but I didn't have enough time. There are lots of old churches. You definitely see influences from Spain and North Africa in the people and architecture.