Saturday, 4 April 2009

Weekend Clean Sweep

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The boys cleaned up nicely this weekend -  three comprehensive wins: good work guys.

We have joined a new club this season, closer to home and way more organised than the last. This week was all about James... his first football team, his first game... he has been sooooooo very patient watching his big brothers over these last years. 

James' team won 3-2 and he was awarded player of the day! The take-home prize was a McDonalds Cheese Berger which was picked up and thoroughly enjoyed on the way home.

Henry has settled into his new team, they won 4-3 and he really enjoyed himself.

Jack was feeling a bit off colour today and almost missed his game but we turned up as his side was short of players and he scored the only goal in his teams 1-0 victory.  Oh Happy Days.

IMG_3589 IMG_3604 Jack POTD TheFootballer