Monday, 17 October 2005

The Biscuit Bunch

This is us.. the Bisset's. Angela and Don, with our three boys: Jack; Henry and James. 
So what is all this adventure and blog stuff about.
I borrow part of an early post just before we set off to France. It is still very relevant and explains the motivation (or madness) behind it all.
The Biscuit Bunch - 2005

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Adventure
What is this adventure all about?  Why France? Why a blog?
Our motivation for setting out on this (french) adventure is quite complex. This is the abbreviated version:
Reason 1:  Life is too short.  Our boys lost both their grandfathers in recent years. Ange's dad passed suddenly in the night and I lost mine after a one-sided battle with cancer.  Their passing prompted the realisation for both of us that life is far too short to be wasted away in an office building.  Now is the time to live.
Reason 2:   We have always dreamed about taking a year off and going somewhere interesting.  The south of France has always been at the top of this list.  I fell in love with France during my OE adventure in 1988/89. We also toured Southern France on a holiday in 1998 when Ange was pregnant with Jack.  Returning to Europe some twenty years on after our first big adventure, where we meet and fell in love, sounded like a great plan.
Reason 3:  Our three wonderful boys are growing up fast, too fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when they were just a tiny ball wrapped up in my hands. We felt this would be a great opportunity to spent more time together as a family and share memories that will last forever.
Opportunity:  We had been saving for a number of years to undertake major renovations on our home back in Auckland.  When the time to act finally arrived and first cost estimates rolled in, it just wasn't worth it.  We had already moved on.. we now want more from life than some fresh paint and art deco furniture: Living is an outdoor pursuit.
So we took the leap: quit our jobs, rented our house and here we are.
Blog: The initial intention was that this blog would serve as a record of this adventure, of our memories, for when the kids get older. It is also proving to be very useful for keeping in touch with friends and family. The "Biscuit Bunch" is continually evolving and I'm not sure where it will end up. It is great fun!
If you are visiting this blog for the first time, I recommend having a look at the next menu: "Story so far" which has a high-level, monthly summary of all posts.  You should also look at "Highlights" which will list all the most popular posts as selected by our kids and other readers.

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  1. Hi Bisset's
    we are the Pace family with some similarities to your family, Sue, Garry, Alex, 12 going on 22 and Nathan just 11-2 older girls of Sue's 28 and 32 in UK. Homeschooled boys. Sue starts chemo on Thursday for B cell NHL-completely symptom free with no bone marrow involvement, small neck tumours and 2 larger abdo tumours on CT scan. At age 55 and being so well seem to be starting in a good place.
    I hope my journey through chemo goes as well as yours-did you have R-CHOP?
    Wish you well for a healthy remission-lok forward to being there myself.

    1. All the best from the treatment.. I did have R-CHOP it seems to have been standard treatment for NHL for quite a few years now as it is pretty effective. The one thing I wish I had knew at the start of R-CHOP was to make sure you have a supply of the fast acting/dissolving on your tounge type of the anti-nausea drugs (I had a few sleepless nights in chemo rounds 3-6 being sick cause I couldn't keep down the anti-nausea pills).