Saturday, 12 July 2008

Another Day, Another Castle


Today's adventure was a visit to Château de Fénelon around 55km to the North East of where we live.  Ange choose this site as it is not only complete in structure but is also fully furnished in varying styles of the late middle ages and Renaissance.

It was bit of a windy old trip as we navigated along the most direct route.  We had planned to stop in Domme for a picnic lunch but the town was very busy and so we kept going. As it turned out there was a great picnic spot on the site and we all had a good feed.

The site itself was reasonably interesting, it was quite easy to image what it would have been like to visit this castle in 17th or 18th century.

The site is also renown as the birthplace of François Fénelon, some old french nutter from the 17th century. We had a great picnic lunch and a good road trip home via Beynac along the Dordogne river.

Fenelon FenelonApproach FenelonCourtyard FenelonEntrance Well Window