Sunday, 3 August 2008

Jack introduces the dogs

I was helping mum "clean out" the memory card on her camera and came across the following video taken by Jack when he was taking the dogs (and Ros) for a walk.

It isn't that funny (for us grown-ups) but worth a peak if you are under 10 years (and have a broadband connection).

Jack was very keen to put this on the blog, especially for his friends Matt and Mathew.

It is good to see that Jack has inherited his dad's command of the English language.

More Yellow


A few days ago Gary left a comment on my last sunflower post: "I take it you were not compelled to run through the field of Sunflowers giggling like a schoolboy\girl".

Well Gary, it seems it was just a matter of time before that happened. Yesterday we came across this massive field of sunflowers on the road between Beaumont and Issigeac. 

It certainly warranted a stop for a few minutes.

I think its quite interesting that Sunflowers are on sale at florist stands in most markets - but they are not cheap, €6,50 for a bunch of three! Which begs the question - who is buying them?

Anyway - that's enough yellow (for this year at least).
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