Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Plan

France: 2008, a family adventure.
Life is all about challenges and adventures. Our next adventure is to spend a year in rural France, experiencing as much of the culture, language and lifestyle as we can absorb. Our French is non-existent, we will have no income for the year, have to rent accommodation and get kids in local schools all while looking after properties and business interests back in New Zealand.

This is the best type of challenge, some good sized risks balanced with equally appealing rewards. Success or failure – it will be a great experience for the family and especially our three kids, aged 3-8.

Why France? Ange and I met in Europe, we have travelled through France on a number of occasions. I also spent a few months in my early 20ties as a laborer in the Quercy region, helping an English couple to renovate a farmhouse. We have often thought about spending summers in Europe and see this as our first trip of many.