Friday, 17 July 2009

Happy Birthday Number Two

image DadCanIThrowThisDownTheHill HenryFavShirt Lamb2Slaughter MyPool Rain_Again RoyalThrone


Off back to school next week, I don't like to be late
But when the bell rings I'm always the first out of the gate
I like to be the centre of attention, I'm sure this is a family trait
I am always very friendly and I would like to be your mate
Never been on date but I don't have long to wait
You see, it's no secret that today I turned EIGHT


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Happy 6th Birthday James

Dad & his boys 1stBirthday
SmileyFace WithDad

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Happy Birthday James! I can't believe my baby boy is six already, it almost as though all that smiling has aged you prematurely.

I hope you have a great day - it will be lots of fun checking out your presents.. and what else will dad have planned?

Last two days of school holidays and two birthdays to celebrate - that should keep us busy!!


Monday, 13 July 2009

Thinking of last July

Looking out through the middle of winter, last year's adventure seems a very long way off.

We just had a terrible wet, windy and cold weekend and so I dived into the photo library in the search for some sunlight.

The video opposite is a collection of snaps from last July. We had a great time, loads of visitors and lots of cool adventures. July was the first month of the year-end school holidays and we managed to cover quite a bit of ground as you can see.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Blogger's Block


Forget about H1N1 there is a much more dangerous pandemic afflicting the Biscuit Bunch household: blogger's block.  It's not pretty and seems to just hang around like All Black forward pack waiting for substitutions.

Well I suppose it is winter, we have all slowed down considerably. It's has been quite cold in Auckland and I'm really missing the 'Pech de la Mas' central heating.

Ange keeps telling me off for leaving the gas heaters on all night... "but its coolldd" I reply. At least the worst of winter is behind us, or it had better be or I'll be leaving NZ for a warmer climate.

We are both drowning in work.. Ange is settling in to her new job with Baxter Healthcare and I'm working on a major renovation for one of our rental properties.   Last years glorious sabbatical now seems a very long way off.

Kids are full of fun as usual.. July school holidays are upon us and I have a few surprises planned for them - no doubt you will see some pictures if I can get rid of the lurgy which is also the title of this post.  Also we can't forget that we have a few birthdays to count down to: James on 16th and Henry on 17th. 

The boys are right into their football this season.. Jack scored two goals on Saturday to win 3-0.  Last week Henry was awarded 'Player of the Day', which he was extremely proud of.

Well at least this beats a music video post which can hardly count as a blog post.  


Friday, 3 July 2009

It's not fair!


Saw this on Rove last week.. very good.. especially the lyrics.

Ange has been over in OZ this last week, well it was actually the last two weeks but she came home for the weekend.

Anyway she gets in tonight but will miss Rove so I'm trying to download tonight's episode.