Monday, 23 June 2008

More Water Fun

It was hot today - I don't think we moved more than 12 metres from the pool after we got back from the vide-grenier. It was a lot of hard work; applying suntan lotion and helping kids to get water-born (and air-born).

By the end of the day we needed a few beers to restore fluid levels and guard against dehydration.

greenmonster lifeguards Airborne

Vide-greniers à Saint-Cernin-de-l'Herm

Stall Bargain SeenEverythingDad ComeOnMumHurryUp  

From what we understand, which is not a lot mind you, private garage sales are not permitted in France.

Instead most villages hold a public "flea-market" where locals can display and sell unwanted goods. Today was St Cernin's vide-grenier and Ange was up early hurrying us all to get in the car.

Great! Shopping for junk is not my favourite pastime so I teamed up with my partner in crime, Henry and we set off to set the world speed record for "window shopping".

We then settled back into the car and tried (?)  to entertain ourselves (see photo opposite).

P.s. Ange I reckon that you are better at these shopping posts than I am.

Féte de la Musique

No this is not our village Féte but the Elysee palace in Paris where President Nicolas Sarkozy (whose wife Carla Bruni is about to release her third album) took the novel step of opening up the Elysee palace to concerts.



The Fête de la Musique, is a free music festival taking place on June 21, which is also the summer solstice.

While it began in France it has since spread to hundreds of other countries. Nearly every town has a festival with local musicians putting on various acts.  Villefranche had a country music theme whereas St Cernin opted for contemporary/ rock music.  The music started up 10pm so it was too late for the kids but we were able to hear all the music as the sound drifted up the hill.  It all finished not long after 2am.

I was a bit disappointed that we were stuck looking after kids. I wonder if we could train the dogs to do that. "Benjie - protéger les enfants."