Sunday, 25 November 2007

London Reunion

After his surprise arrival the night before we couldn't let Ross head south without a proper catch-up.  Not to mention that Don and Umi had themselves come a long way and were expecting a lift back to the airport.  Shirley drove down from up North and Lyn and Trevor brought their kids over to entertain ours.

The birthday hang-over turned into a mini-London reunion barbeque.  We went though about three bottles of soft drink: I don't think there was a single alcoholic beverage consumed.


From left: Trevor, Don, Donovan, Ross.  It was great afternoon, we spent quite a bit of time marveling at how Ross still had most of his hair and Trev still had all his own teeth - it is pretty impressive for two really old dudes..  Actually Ange made me add that last bit.