Wednesday, 2 April 2008

School Update

School Lunch Menu

LUNDI Soupe tomate vermicelle
salade de tomates
steak hâché
haricots grain
flan vanille + gâteaux secs
MARDI Potage de légumes
céleri-rave en rémoulade
purée de carottes
beignets de pomme
JEUDI Soupe de lettres
salade de chou-fleur
rôti de porc
yaourt aromatisé
VENDREDI Pique-nique

We are plodding on with the school routine.  While the kids are settled, I wouldn't say they are content. They still miss/ prefer school and tots corner back in NZ.  The language is and will remain the biggest barrier for them for some time.

James slept in this morning, I had to go get him up.  He ask me "is it a school day today dad?"; "I miss my friends from Tots and Fran too".

The good thing is that they are not really complaining (much) and we are putting lots of focus on the many positives.  Like the school lunch which they generally enjoy and things like jet planes breaking the sound barrier (which seems to happen quite a lot). 

You might be interested to know that school lunch costs €1.50 per child per day, which is very reasonable. I assume it is state subsidised but I must ask. 

I find it amusing that in NZ we spend so much time worrying about the impact that soft-drink vending machines and the tuck-shop menu has on childhood obesity. Whereas here there are no vending machines and no tuck-shop, just a well balanced 3-course meal which promotes healthy eating.  I just love the way the French do things!

The boys are going on a school trip this Friday to an aquarium, I wonder what the food for the pique-nique will be.

That Euro again!

I have been glued to the process of the NZD/Euro over this last year. It is the first thing I do when I turn on the computer every morning, even before checking email or Herald.

At times it has been nail biting watching the rate track all over the place. The exchange rate had a big impact on the transfer of our funds from New Zealand (in Euro). As of 1st Feb all the funds have been transferred/ converted, so it turns out that we have been quite lucky with the timing.

Even though the rate is no a longer a concern I still find I'm monitoring it closely. Rate hit a milestone today: first time it has dropped below 50cents since 2006.