Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 4: Jack's Story

Today we went to the (another) big bunker. It was one of a kind, it was very huge and had a armoury with an LMG, which means Light machine Gun.
I also found out that German planes bombed London and the citizens took shelter in the tube.
The Germans also had (camouflaged) bunkers with painted windows.  We also went to a museum that had a plane stuck to the ceiling.
It was fun and we had a good day. By Jack

US Mark 28 F1 Thermonuclear Bomb

The 'display model' of the Mark 28. I assume the important bits are missing.
The Mark 28 F1 hydrogen bomb went into production in 1962.  One of the most representative devices of the US nuclear arsenal, it was permanently airborne aboard Strategic Air Command B 52 bombers.
This highly sophisticated device demonstrated US supremacy in the frantic arms race in which the two superpowers were engaged during the Cold War.
While the Caen War museum was mostly dedicated to the Normandie Invasion, it had a number of other exhibits on the Cold War and a special US exhibit on September 11.

la photo du jour


Today we headed for the famous abbey at Mont Saint Michel. 

Built on small island just off the Normandie coast this is one of the iconic tourist destinations within France.

One of the fortunate things about visiting in December is the crowds are considerably thinner.

It was impressive, I'll have to post some more pictures at a later date.