Friday, 1 August 2008

Two River Beach


We really needed a cold swim today. The mercury was hovering around 38ºC all day.. the pool is now at 30ºC so we couldn't really cool off in the pool.  The river beaconed.

We headed to Limeuil, a small village which can be found at the juncture where the Vézere merges into the Dordogne. The village is built around a steep hilltop and has an attractive walled park on the flat top.

It was a great and relaxing afternoon, the kids had great fun building a water break and finding interesting rocks.  The current was flowing quite swiftly as the level of the river is very low (no decent rain for weeks). Anyway the water break provided a good spot for mum and dad to relax (without holding on).  We will definitely be going back!


DordogneDam DordogneDam2 River_Ange

Home School Help

This post is a short cut or more accurately a better put a easy way for us to access some web links between our two computers and various user profiles.  I'll build this list up over time but for now here are the links to some of the web sites we are using to stay up to speed with the boys school. 

Basic to 7 Years

7 Years and Older

General BBC KS1 Bitesize: Numeracy and Literacy
Mouse and Computer Skills
BBC Schools 4 -11
BBC KS2 Bitesize: English - Maths - Science
Show Me Internet 24 hour Museum
Literacy   Primary Site Kidszone Literacy 7-11 years

Maths is Fun

Maths is Fun

Division and Long Division
Primary Site Kidszone Maths 7-11 Years

Science   Dynamo's Science lab
Primary Site Kidszone Science 7-11 Years
History   BBC History Games
Primary Site Kidszone History 7-11 Years
Dynamo History Stories
Channel 4 - History Essentials
Games Primary Site Kidszone Games 3-7years
Disney Channel Playhouse

Maths is Fun - Games Page
Dynamo den of Games
Primary Site Kidszone Games 7-11 years