Sunday, 2 March 2008

Champ de Mars


Our big outing today was the much anticipated visit to the Eiffel Tower. Despite poor forecasts Paris laid on a gloriously sunny day.. though still a bit chilly at around 8 Celsius.IMG_1521

It seems we were not alone in our plans and we decided to forgo a 2 hour wait for the lift and we took the stairs up to the 2nd platform. IMG_1511

The boys managed easily and I helped James along just at the end. We had some fun waving down at the people still in the queue. From the 2nd platform we caught the lift to the top. IMG_1505

It was really good fun, quite different to the full on day at Disneyland, more educational.

The sideswipe for the day: Henry was cross with Jack, who was counting the stairs as we went up, "Jack I don't want to know how high we are...stop counting"