Sunday, 3 February 2008

Settling In

Woke up to a decent frost - it was good to see the sun.  We cooked breakfast with early sunlight streaming into the kitchen.  Nice winter jammies Ange, I was told not to post this one.

Pech de la Mas

After a long (7hrs) drive down from Paris in the rain, we finally arrived "home".  Petra and Pavlos, the property owners, were on hand to meet us and show us around the house. 

Everything has lived up to my expectations and then some, the property is huge, the nearest neighbours must be near a kilometre away. The house is very spacious and the kids were soon lost exploring upstairs.  We had a quick meal, wine and crashed almost immediately. 

On Saturday morning we headed out with Petra and Pavlos on a shopping excursion to the local Leclerc supermarche in Femel, which is about 22km away.  I think that shopping will be fun for some time yet.  After lunch we got the more in-depth tour of the house, central heating and swimming pool etc.  Petra has laid out large vegetable gardens in previous years and we are pretty excited about getting a garden going in due course.

All up: It was a good first few days, we were made to feel extremely welcome and everything is just as we expected.  Check out the photo below: Henry doesn't like getting left out of anything.