Monday, 10 November 2008

Looking Backwards: Busking In London


With weeks ticking down - we'll soon be counting days, I have decided to add a new post category.  My plan is to tidy up and represent some of our photo's and stories in these  'Looking backwards' posts.

This is a shot of Henry entertaining the busking crowd in Convent Garden, London. 

You can read about it in our post here.

He still very proud of his 'diamond' and shows it to all our guests and it has been to school say 7 or 8 times.

Distant trail

Walking into Distance Corn Fields
More Mushrooms Besse Village
Stray dog leads the way Distant Road
Start of Walk

After a huge feast last night we thought we had better get out for a walk today and besides it was one of the sunniest days we had in two weeks.

Our destination was the village of Besse, where we followed an old Roman travelling route, probably one of many connecting the Lot and Dordogne valleys.  The track looped around back on itself offering a 7 km challenge for those with young, short legs. Those with longer legs probably took more strain on the back as the shorter legs took turns to "ride up high".

It was a nice walk, lots of autumn colour and even a companion stray dog - who seemed to know the track very well.  The older parts of the track still had a remnants of a packed stone surface with wheel ruts, there were also many ancient walls and a few huts.  It was very cool.  The young legs are off to bed early the old ones are resting in front of the fire watching UK Dancing with the Stars.  I'm stuck here on the computer as usual but not complaining.