Sunday, 20 April 2008

London 2008

IMG_3430 IMG_3432

After a nice but rather long drive to Rodez we hopped on the "free" RyanAir flights to Stanstead Airport.  Not before we contributed another 10 euro for being 1.5 kilo over the 15kg limit on one of our two bags. The flight was good and a relieved Biscuit Bunch arrived safe and sound in England.

We had arranged an airport pick-up for a stress free trip down to London. The highlight was the last bit through docklands and up through the city passed all the main attractions: the big castle, the whirly roundabout, the big clock and BuckingHEAD place. Thanks James.

We finally arrived in Notting Hill.  The place we are staying in is pretty nice, certainly very good value.  More on this later. After a quick shop a the local Tesco we whipped up dinner and had some Jacobs Creek bubbles to celebrate.

Bit of a slow start today & need to get out.....