Thursday, 10 January 2008

Fun Times

tree monkeys In between all the packing, planning and pondering we have been managing a few outings.
The little tree monkeys have not have the best school holidays - but the fun times are not that far away. It has been really hot in Auckland over the last few days and we have been taking every opportunity to get to the beach.

Caught Ya
Above: The kids and I had a good day yesterday at Castor Bay, this was taken on the bluff overlooking the beach after we had changed.   Above: On Thursday night we were invited over for a BBQ with the new tenants. It was a good night.

Visa Search

Today was hot, lots of sun: a "UV index off the scales" type of day.  So with nothing else to do the Biscuit bunch went on a search for our French visas.

Searching for Visas

After all they seem to be coming via sea - so we figured that they may have washed up on the beach. 

The hunt started on the Takapuna foreshore.

Is this one of them dad? 

It could be, James. It looks old enough, lets see if we can find four more.

Ok Dad - we are getting tired now. We need a rest.

After a hard days work there is nothing like a kiwi spa pool to rest weary muscles.

This visa hunting is hard work!!