Thursday, 3 July 2008

Our School Trip to La Rochelle (by Jack)


Narbonne - Gruissan


Had a great trip south and arrived back Tuesday afternoon.  It was hot! France Metro was telling us it was 31º but our three thermometers were all reporting high 30ties.

It was good to get to the beach.. European beach culture is... well different to what we are accustomed to down under.  For one no-one seems to be aware of skin cancer, OK so maybe they don't have quite the same problems with the ozone layer that we do but we didn't see one kid wearing a hat or rash-vest.  The area around Narbonne Plage (beach) and Gruissan is very touristy: a real holiday town feel. Narbonne itself is quite pleasant with its canal and narrow streets.

On the beach, 38º degrees
Our hotel at Gruissan Marina
Narbonne Canal

Here is quick wrap of this adventure: Up early on Monday to get the kids on the school bus and then headed south, Ange was still in the dark about where we were heading which was just as well because I took a wrong turn at Cahors and we ended up taking a 70km detour to see the huge cooling stacks of the Nuclear power station outside Agen.  Lets just say we took the scenic route "south". 

Monday is market day in the old village of Gruissan and we arrived just before they closed at midday. After a tour of the market we had lunch and then  headed straight to the beach. After a long afternoon on the beach we toured through Narbonne and enjoyed a refreshing beer on the canal. 

That night we frequented a few bars along the Gruissan marina and had a great dinner which we only finished at 23:20.  We were back on the beach early after breakfast, headed home at midday, stopping in at Carcassonne for a quick visit.  No unplanned detours on the way home, well maybe just one small one.

WeHaveSharesinThisVineyard TheseJugsOfSangariaDontLastAsLongAsTheyUsedTo NarbonnePlage WaitingForAngeToGetReady
Clocks CarcasonneWall CarcasonneEntrance


View from the balcony
Shopping for olives
Smelly Old Cheese
The old castle ruins

History of Narbonne
Our Zig-Zag Journey