Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 4: Jack's Story

Today we went to the (another) big bunker. It was one of a kind, it was very huge and had a armoury with an LMG, which means Light machine Gun.
I also found out that German planes bombed London and the citizens took shelter in the tube.
The Germans also had (camouflaged) bunkers with painted windows.  We also went to a museum that had a plane stuck to the ceiling.
It was fun and we had a good day. By Jack


  1. Not sure if others had a problem as well but when I clicked on the image of Jack beside the jeep it opens the top image so it may of lost it's link or it could just be my computer.

  2. Thanks Sean, this is a formatting problem a sometimes get with Windows Live Writer. A hyperlink to the larger image gets replaces with one of the other photo's in the table. I usually check for this.