Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Picnic at Lavaur

Lavaur Lavuar

Ange and I "discovered" the little hamlet of Lavaur at the top of a very long and steep bike ride up from the valley below.  It is absolutely gorgeous place with great views of the surrounding area.  We headed there for a family picnic on Wednesday.

Minutes after these pictures was taken the weather turned, wind picked up and it started to pour with rain.

Tuesday Tuneup


This shot was taken while we were out exploring last Wednesday.

Ange loves this shot because at the time I was in a grumpy mood trying to keep the family off the road on this sharp corner.


Here follows some unstructured ramblings:

  • Ange was annoyed the other day with the flavour of ice cream she purchased for the kids: "the label says Vanilla but this is French Vanilla, not Vanilla". It may take a few seconds to get this one.
  • She thinks it is hilarious that I still regularly climb into the drivers seat via the passenger door.  I'm thinking of getting a motorbike.
  • We went for a hilly bike ride yesterday. Ange fell off going up a hill and I got a flat tyre coming down, so pretty normal bike ride for us really.
  • The owners of this property, Pavlos and Petra, are moving back into the area. We have offered to look after their two dogs as this property is more suitable than the one they are moving to.  Kids are really excited at this prospect and are already arguing over which dog they want to take care of. 
  • The temperature of the swimming pool is now 12°Celsius up from around 3°when we first arrived.  On the warmer days it looks very inviting.  I think I will be ready for a swim in around 4 weeks.
  • On same note, clocks went forward over the weekend and the trees and plants are all in blossom. We just need some more settled weather and we will declare summer.
  • Congratulations to Chrissy and Kent on their engagement!! This is great news - Bon Courage.
  • Our favourite red has dropped in price from €1.69 to €1.45: let the good times roll:)
  • I have added a new menu option to the blog: Adventure Map. This shows the location of our adventures on a map of the Dordogne.  I am using Google maps as I gave up trying to find a suitable plug-in for Blogger.