Saturday, 8 March 2008

Welcome Home

After a good early start we caught the TGV from Gare Montparnasse. The prices for TGV tickets is pretty reasonable: it was 17 euro's each for the single journey (Paris to Bordeaux). 

The trip south was non-stop and we pulled into the Bordeaux Saint Jean in just over 3 hours.  At one stage the train runs alongside the motorway. Cars travelling around the 130km speed limit appear to be crawling along as the train leaves them for dust.

We picked up a rental car and managed to navigate ourselves out of Bordeaux without too many mistakes. We then headed west stopping briefly in Bergerac, our nearest city.  I had a good sleep in on Thursday, only to be woken up by Peugeot Assistance to say that our 307 was ready to be picked up.  It is great to have the car back, even the short journey back from Bordeaux in the rental proved quite testing with the three boys sitting next to each other. Never again I reckon.

It is good to be home and settled in once again, a big of un-packing and washing to do. But hey, I had to get the blogs up to date first.  Now that's done (they have sneaked in below), I'll have to find another excuse.