Saturday, 1 March 2008

Disneyland Wrap

It was great day, especially seeing how much the boys enjoyed themselves. It was fantastic to see them boiling over with enthusiasm and excitement.

Jack got two trips on Space Mountain, once with mum and then dad, the ride just blew him away. He was also very excited about driving a car all by himself Autopia. James grew a few centimetres and just managed to get into the Big Mountain Thunder ride. It was his first "big" roller coaster ride and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. Henry lapped up the whole place and he wanted to do everything, even the boring stuff. On the train home when I was asking the boys about what their best parts were he said "the whole day dad".

Our last big ride was Big Mountain Thunder, we decided to join the queue 30 minutes before the park closed. The queue was listed as 45 minutes, but the ride broke down just before we got on so we ended up with a 1h30 wait. The kept this ride open well after closing and we ended up doing the ride in the dark, so in parts it was a bit like Space Mountain. It was damn scary but the boys loved it, especially James. He had his hands up in the air the whole ride. Went I asked him about this, he said that's what the people in front of him did and he thought that's what he had to do.

It is a great park, top marks. It was pretty busy but not peak crowds thankfully. We seemed to just hit everything at the right time. Apart from the last ride, our longest wait for 30 minutes whereas everything else was 10 minutes or less.

We got back to Oberkampf at 9:30pm and had great family meal at the Mexican restaurant just two doors along from our building. Kids got to bed quite late - no school tomorrow....