Saturday, 22 December 2007

France Update

Countdown: I've had to reset / remove the countdown.. see later post of 6th Jan. Still waiting for visas - so we are going to hold out for the end of January.
Visa Status: Still Pending - been nervous about this from the start
Anxiously waiting to see the courier van pull up in the driveway
Flights: Booked and paid for, open ticket on Emirates
Property in France: Rental agreement signed, deposit paid
Schools in France: The three boys have been accepted at Le Got school, 10 minutes drive away
NZ Property: We have rented property to my good friend James and his partner George(nia). They have stored all their stuff downstairs and move in on the 5th Jan.

We move into Trev & Lyn house on the 27th Dec and stay until the 15th.
Packing in NZ: We have 10-11 days get all our stuff sorted and packed up.
Car for France: We have decided to go with a 6 month Eurolease of a Peugeot 307 SW. We pick this up in Paris on 16th January.
Getting There: We have a luggage allowance of 100kg on our flights and will send surplus stuff via unaccompanied baggage.