Sunday, 28 March 2010

Another Wave

IMG_6388 IMG_6389-1 IMG_6390-1  Confirmed yet again that a relaxing day at beach is a great way to kill a slow Sunday...  We treated Ange to breakfast at Sausalito and headed to Long Bay to catch up with my mum.

Monday, 15 March 2010

La photo du jour: First Wave


James is up with a little help from some magical friends. “Dad can you buy me a surf board for my birthday?”

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Raglan Endless Summer

IMG_5979 IMG_5994 IMG_5997

We finally managed to escape to Raglan this weekend for a small surfing adventure.  This much anticipated event was hastily planned after we realised that we were running out of remaining summer weekends. Jack and I were booked into a surfing lesson on Sunday morning. This was great fun and yes Jack won our bet to be the first up for at least 10 seconds.   Henry and James also got in on the action via an informal lesson with mum (by that stage I was too sore and tired).

We’ve now added Raglan to our “favourite NZ spots” list.  The surf beach is excellent and the township has a great surf culture buzz.  There are lots of cool shops of the melting visa-card variety but the cafes and restaurants are pretty reasonable.  We had a great meal at Vinnie's Bar and Restaurant – I would recommend it.  P.s. top right picture – this huge wave was at least three metres when it broke!

IMG_5986 IMG_6046 IMG_6093 IMG_6005 IMG_6055