Saturday, 30 August 2008

Narbonne Plage

NarbonnePlage LunchTent JamesTower MrSandMan  

After enduring a few challenges with accommodation on the Côte d'Azur we decided to opt for a "sure thing" and head to Narbonne Plage (beach) as we had been there before, the beach was good, accommodation options were plenty and varied. It was also only 3 hours from home which was another plus.  We hit our first bouchon (traffic jam -queue) of the trip just after Nimes which added 45 minutes or so to the journey.

We ended up staying at the municipal campground (pictured top left) a few minutes walk from the beach.  I had heard that French municipal campgrounds were good and this one certainly lived up to our expectations.  It was large, well laid out with big sites and good security.  It just had a good buzz about it and its gets my award as the best campsite of the trip (even though it didn't have a pool).

We pretty much spent the whole day at the beach on Friday, got there early and left at around 5pm, even so the kids were complaining that they wanted to stay longer.  The boys and I constructed a small shelter and we had take-away lunch in the shade on our laps.  James even took the opportunity to have a wee afternoon nap although while he was sleeping he was unexpectedly transformed by his brothers into "Rock Man" (SPF 500). 

While we had lots of fun on the beach the highlight was the local amusement park which proved lots of fun for some.  I took the kids on one ride that spun at too fast for my liking (after a big dinner), the boys loved it and wanted to go again but I felt very ill.  Ange took over the entertainment duties and I found a nice stable park bench to sit on.  No photo's because I was too busy trying to breath in and out.