Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back to School


Damn, it's hard work having to get up early after a long holiday.  Back to school today: it's Tuesday 2nd September and is the first day of the new school year. Tomorrow is Wednesday (duh) which means there is no school - so poor Jack just has to survive for three days this week at his new school.  He was pretty apprehensive this morning, even though he was trying to put on a brave face.  His new (male) teacher is very friendly and speaks english and  will speak english to Jack in class.  I think he will settle in well but we will need to give him some time.  I will aim to provide a follow-up post when they get home.

Posts up to date..

Yes - I can now go to bed. Thirty posts in the month of August is a record for me (even if there were a few short and cheeky ones like Size Really Does Matter).  I have been backdating posts over the last few days so you won't get any email alerts (Mum) but they are on the site if you scroll down. Hopefully this post will be processed by feedblitz.