Saturday, 15 August 2009

James' special treat with mum - by James.


I went to Starlight Express.  My favourite part was the "finals" - when Rusty won the race. And the funniest part was when Electric - his Mohawk fell down. And the middle-ist best part was went they were practicing for the race - there were lost of races that they were racing. Rusty did lots of tricks in the finals.  And mum took me to Starlight Express cause my brothers had already had a special treats before. And at Starlight Express I had a ice cream and when we were leaving to come home I had a hot chocolate.  It was the coolest day what I had in my entire life.

Strike - Goal

IMG_4089_2 IMG_4122

Jack's team played their last official match of the session, they were playing against East Coast Bays with the winner of this match taking out third place in the table.  Jack scored a great goal in the first half, a medium range strike from just outside the box - it just cleared the goalies head and landed in the back of the net.  

Dad also finally managed to (half)capture the moment, see above left.   Our coach dished out some good advice at half-time and the team scored four more times to take the final score to 5-0.  It was a great way to end the official session, there are still two more friendly games left.  The little's boys football was washed out last night owing to rain.