Saturday, 2 August 2008

Beaumont du PĂ©rigord

Today we took Ros and Lainey on a small road trip to visit a few local towns.  The main destination was the bastide of Beaumont, where Lainey and Ros' other sister Marj had stayed some years back. 
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Local Information:

Beaumont is a bastide town founded in 1272 by Edward I of England. It is actually very attractive but you could easily miss the best parts if you only ventured down the main street. There are numerous examples of great architecture and more than a few narrow passageways which the kids enjoyed. It was typical for English bastides to be well defended and you can still walk round the old ramparts.


Ange has asked me to put in a plug for Boutique Prudence: it is worth a detour to Beaumont just to visit this shop.  Not sure how to classify it, probably be best described as a specialist parfumeur/ lingerie/ florist/ gift store.  Prudence, the owner (originally Australian), imports her own line of knitted silk lingerie from Hong Kong (yes that was knitted?). 

Damn! It was hard to write that: far too much feminine detail,  for me anyway.  I didn't really see inside the shop myself but I took some nice pictures of the boys in the street outside (there were a number of cool displays). We had lots of time to kill while waiting for Ange :)


I would like to get back to walk around the ramparts. Parking off the main street is always at a premium, but if you venture around the back of town there is plenty available. There is also a small Stonehenge type structure called dolmen de blanc (les 'peyrelevades') near the town which we plan to visit next time.

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