Friday, 22 February 2008

Peugeot 307SW

Car Ding

I need to get the car fixed following my run in with Bambi (blog here).  As this picture shows the damage is pretty minimal.  I was very surprised - it was a huge deer.

I read an article in last weeks Herald on Sunday (here) about how Peugeot have engineered their cars to withstand minor impacts with limited damage. In my experience this seems to hold true.

It has been great to drive a new car, although a little nerve-racking to drive on the right side of very narrow roads. 

The best feature of the 307SW, by far, has been the ability to re-arrange the rear seats (as shown in this 2nd photo). Trust me you need to have had experience with cramming three young boys together in one row of seats to fully appreciate this feature.  It makes a huge difference.

The boys are pretty taken with the glass roof: on some of these small roads the views are all above you. 

Babybel Maxi (by Henry)

Babybel This is my favourite cheese in New Zealand. I have one in my lunch box every day. I really like getting the yummy cheese out of the red skin. 

When we were at the supermarket I saw these HUGE ones on the shelf. We bought some but mum won't let me eat it all by myself - I have to share with James.  Jack doesn't like cheese, he likes tomato sauce, I hate tomato sauce.

It isn't fair cause I don't have any of Jack and James' tomato sauce so why should they have some of my cheese.