Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tuesday Tuneup


Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • Made it back to base camp in one piece. London was great but it is also good to be back home. We had a great time.
  • I would recommend Notting Hill/ Labroke Grove as a base: it is exciting and vibrant part of London.
  • I missed the most perfect photo opportunity today: We caught the tube today on route to Standsted airport. We had to contend with major delays on the Hammersmith Line "owing to signal failure at Baker Street". After a few stops I managed to get James a seat while the rest of us were all packed in tightly like sardines.  James got hold of a newspaper and had it stretched out, "reading" it with his legs crossed, he just looked like he was on route to work..
  • We spent a good 30 minutes at the airport organising our luggage to avoid a repeat of any excess baggage charges. Thankfully we got through without incident.  Given Ange's shopping record over the last week this was a MAJOR accomplishment. 
    (I checked this comment past her, you know, marital bliss and all.. she OK'ed it and THEN muttered "those boots definitely would not have fitted").
  • London Highlights for the boys:
    Jack: All of it. He loved London and can't wait to get back (when he is a pro footballer). His favourite adventures was the London Eye and all the museums especially the dinosaurs and space ones.
    Henry: The Queen's jewels; Covent Garden and his (first) stage appearance; the Pirate Ship at Lady Di's Memorial (kids playground) park. Pictured Left.
    James: Hider in the House (BBC2 at 9am)
  • We have only been away for 10 days but it is amazing how fast spring is... well springing.  Everything here is a lot greener, the grapevines on the deck have bushy leaves. The roses are out.. as are the veggies.
  • This was certainly our last "big trip" before we return home at end of the year.  We have one more smaller trip tentatively planned in early July.. Pamplona, Spain.  Damn I need to get on and book this.