Wednesday, 5 November 2008

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Tuesday Tune-up


Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Another Tuesday, another tune-up. But not just any Tuesday: the world's most powerful and influential nation is electing a new president.  This election will change the course of history and I'm determined not to miss the moment. The fire in the lounge is well stoked in the anticipation of a very late night: there is nothing like welcoming a new democracy to the world.  Come on America don't let us down (again).
  • James and I went exploring yesterday (Monday).. I have always wondered about the old road over the hill between St Cernin and Villefranche. Anyway we took it on the way home from the boulangerie. The rain didn't help - I thought I would get stuck.  James had a hell of a time, he though it was great fun.  We made it home... no damage- thanks again Peugeot EuroLease.
  • School holidays end tomorrow, boys are back at school on Thursday. Just in time for Ange and I to get back into the 9-5 office work routine. There is a huge pile of work to get through between now and the end of the month.  I will have to get the whip out.
  • Ashley.. Hope Auckland Marathon went well. I see that you and Damien clocked under 2 hours.. Good Work.   
  • I've signed up for a free month subscription of the Herald Tribune.  It is fantastic as our postie, who arrives at lunchtime each day, now also delivers the paper for that same day.  How they do that in this rural back-water is a mystery to me?  Thanks NY Times and no I don't want an extension.
  • Camera dilemmas, what to do about the scratched lens on my Canon camera?  It has been agony trying to decide to go for an SLR or settle for a replacement for my current compact.  Prices in France don't compare that well with the UK/ USA or NZ for technology items.  I'm seriously thinking about a Nikon D60 - I can get one for €379 on special. My thinking is that I'll get some exposure to an entry level SLR camera with the intention to upgrade eventually.