Thursday, 7 February 2008



Bread and lots of it!!!

This large baguette is a local favourite of one of the two boulangerie's in the Villefranche village. 

Fresh bread every day is a must and is rapidly becoming part of the staple diet in the Bisset household. 

Take my word for it, these baguette's are nothing like the limp imitations that you get from the local Foodtown or Countdown back in Auckland. 

FYI:  A regular baguette costs about NZ$2, this chap here was NZ$5.

Beynac Castle

There is no school in France on Wednesday, so we headed out exploring. The main destination was Beynac Castle about 30km away.

As it is the middle winter the place was empty, we had the run of the keep: literally.

I did not get a chance to finesse these photo's as we have been busy with school homework tonight.

Beynac Castle is famous fortress overlooking the Dordogne river.

It was held by King Richard (the Lionheart) from 1189 to 1199 (until his death). 

It was also a stronghold for the French during the 100 years war.

There are some pretty cool nooks and crannies in this place!

Wikipedia on Beynac Castle

Boys were very excited to visit their first real castle.  Just to top their day off, the site/town was buzzed by two low-flying french fighter jets as we were exploring the exterior ramparts.
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