Friday, 1 February 2008

Montevrain - RĂ©sidence du Parc

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NZ$120 (60 Euro) does go very far these days so I was pretty surprised when this is all it cost to to book a nights accommodation for a two bedroom suite just outside Paris.  There were a few suspect reviews of this place circulating on the net but it turned out to be very good value for money.  We needed a place to sleep off some jet lag and this place fitted the bill.

Montevrain is just north-east of Paris and hosts Disneyland Paris, Val d'Europe (a huge shopping complex) and Walt Disney Studios.  It was pretty easy to navigate to from the Airport, which was just as well because we were all totally knackered.  I was dispatched to purchase some essential supplier, no luggage = no toiletries and we needed food.  The huge shopping centre was amazing, it had everything in 10 more flavours than we are used to back home. 

Many observations - one of the more interesting is that the French seemed to primarily use UHT milk (imagine the quantities of UHT and fresh milk in your local Foodtown store and reverse them - that's what it is like).  I spent a bit of time looking for the super-trim, low fat stuff that Ange insists on only to find that it doesn't exist.

Dinner was a bit of a challenge: I had a choice between sweet pastries and McDonalds. I chose to widen the search area.  Eventually found a great Italian restaurant.

So we had Pizza for dinner (and lunch) and it hit the spot. Ange and I also enjoyed a bottle of Bordeaux Red with bread and some Roquefort cheese.  We were in bed by 8pm, alseep 5 mins later but were woken up by a telephone call at 12:10am.. our missing luggage had arrived and had been delivered to reception.