Monday, 10 March 2008

Origins of a Biscuit


I have received a question from Betty and the ladies of the St Vincent de Paul Opportunity Shop in Timaru (See Map insert opposite).

Why do we call ourselves the "Biscuit Bunch"?

Anyone who has a started a blog site recently will tell you that most choices for Blog site names and web addresses have already been taken.  So in searching for a quirky and original  blog name I decided to use my "alternative surname".

The origin of this starts on my first OE trip some 20 years where I ran into trouble with the pronunciation of my surname, Bisset.  I was constantly being misheard because of my "heavy" accent.
(they would hear P..... and not B..... which doesn't sound good at all).

My partner in crime and travelling companion at the time, another Don, decided to call me Biscuit and the nickname just stuck.

I think the "Biscuit Bunch" is an apt web nickname for the Bisset Family.