Saturday, 6 December 2008

Back in Paris

Back in Paris.. we left behind a cold, wet and windy Normandie.  Even despite the weather we all had a great time in Normandie. It was well worth it!

All the sites and museums dedicated to the allied landings in 1944 were fascinating. I thought the kids would get bored but they were enthralled, it has more than made up for the week of school they would have missed. I'm still being bombarded by questions.  The German bunkers were a definite highlight as you may have guessed from Jack's posts.

Finally resting up in the Paris apartment.


Today we hit the road and hardly stopped until we reached Paris.  We had deadlines: people to meet, rent to pay and all that stuff.

Ange was chief navigator through Paris, we sort of missed Plan A and hastily reverted to Plan B. This involved driving around l'Arc de Triomphe, from which we emerged unscathed and made it to our destination. Home for the next few days is right on the border of the 10th and 3rd arrondissement, we are only 10 metres from the Bonne Nouvelle metro stop.

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