Thursday, 27 December 2007

Visa Jitters

Received a phone call today from the French consulate in Wellington relaying a question that had come from Paris.  Our reply was that we had submitted the paperwork in question along with Visa application.
They confirmed this was correct and said that they would get in touch/ check with Paris to confirm that they also have the information at their end.

These things take time and patience is the key.

The good news is that at least someone in Paris is processing our application.  But time ticks on - the bottle of Moet has been chilling in the fridge for a few weeks and I suspect it will stay that way for a bit longer. 

I also confirmed that while we can get our passports returned at any time, we cannot enter France (metro) while our Visa applications are pending.


Plan A: Passports & Visa's arrive on or before 7th Jan - we leave on the 15th Jan
Plan B: Passports & Visa's arrive on or before 20th Jan - we leave on the 30th Jan

No Plan C yet