Friday, 18 July 2008

Happy Birthday Henry


July is a crowded Birthday month for the Bisset clan: not only does Henry have to share his birthday month with his brother James but also his nana (Ange's mum) and grandmother (mine). 

If that wasn't bad enough, one of the worlds most admired men of the last century, turns 90 tomorrow on July 18th. 

Also big Happy Birthday to Lynetta Walker - it must be your 35th or 36th today (although why you married such an old fart like Trevor we'll never know).

So after some careful counselling on sharing and some discussions about when to celebrate his birthday (he thought the 15th would be a good day); the big day finally dawned.  The presents were excitedly unwrapped and have so far endured a thorough work-out.  We had a family lunch at a restaurant in Belves (thanks Grandma) and then raced home to continue our assessment of Chinese manufacturing standards (they are still holding up).