Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Carte De Sejour


I have finally received my Carte De Sejour!!

There was a time, not that long ago, when I though this would never happen. I am now officially a resident of France (albeit a temporary one with restrictions on work etc).

I am more relieved than excited, the later wore off months ago when  our visas were issued.  However this little card is still the culmination of a marathon effort through an uncharted ocean of bureaucracy.

In the end all the effort, stress and cost has been been worth it and I'll recommend an adventure like this to anyone.

Before I get too carried away I should mention that Angela's card is still pending.  Hope this arrives before our trip to Spain as our temporary extended permits have expired!

Tuesday Tune-up


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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • Ange saw this beauty today while putting washing on the line. At 1.2m long this 'couleuvre' or grass snake is pretty harmless but we didn't get close enough to verify this. It left soon after we disturbed it.
  • It was interesting to see our mushrooms on sale at the market for €13 per kilo.  In future I will be a little more careful rummaging in the undergrowth.
  • Ange dragged us all to the Brocante market in Monpazier on Saturday afternoon. Brocante markets sell antiques and other girly stuff. I scurried off with Henry and after 15 mins we had seen everything and crept back to the car for a sleep.
  • Had a great BBQ with our English friends on Sunday. Sam and Kieren own a huge property on the other side of Le Got. They put on a great feast and us adults lazed around all afternoon while the kids ran riot.
  • It was also Fathers Dad on Sunday. The boys brought home some great little gifts.  James' class made a small art board which included a thermometer. Jack and Henry made art boards with a small peg for notes. All have been hung somewhere around the house and are being put to good use.  Pictures below, taken in a rush, my apologies
  • Another good hard run today, it seemed like a lot further than 12km. I really need to turn this into a daily routine if I'm to offset all the cheese and wine calorie intake.  If I'm not careful I'll end up looking like this by December!!  This shot was from our BBQ on Monday night.

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