Tuesday, 3 June 2008

G√Ęteau Banane

cake   I bet I know what you are all thinking... this isn't a gâteau. But no a gâteau in France is just a humble cake, not the normally chocolate layered cream creations we are used to in NZ. I thought the same thing when I saw gâteau on the kids lunch menu. A full interrogation followed to see if they had some wonderful cream filled cake for dessert at school, but no they hadn't (they promised).

Well enough waffling, this blog is about me perfecting my banana cake making skills. Bananas seem to ripen even quicker here than at home and there was this gorgeous shiny red "Kitchen Aid" sitting on the bench just begging me to use it. So one rainy day I decided to put the two to good use and with the help of what the owner calls "a good oven", the results have been pretty good even if I do say so myself. Don and the kids have never begged me to bake before, but now I get "can't you make us a banana cake"? What can I say....

The oven is pretty interesting because the oven opens like a drawer. Apparently Siemens are the only manufacturers to make this oven. Anyway it does seem to work well, or perhaps it's just a good recipe, or maybe just the cook. Audrey do I hear the words bake-off coming from you?

And do I have a deal for you. To all newly confirming visitors to Pech de la Mas, I will bake a cake for your arrival. Sorry this offer is not valid for any existing confirmed bookings.

The next problem I have is extending my repertoire beyond one cake....