Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Interlaken here we come

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I was a bit sad to leave Lyon, could have easily stuck around for a few more days.  Getting out on the motorway was far too easy, huge tunnels (one was 6km) which keeps the through traffic out of the city. It is the ultimate juxtaposition: Europe is full of beautiful and historic cities serviced by modern and efficient road networks whereas back in NZ we have drab modern cities serviced by antiquated road "networks".

We stopped for lunch in Geneva, we almost blew past the old town but decided at the last minute we had to see the lake.  Lots of old money floating around in this place thats for sure... We had to fight for a spot on the grass between all the Gucci handbags and Armani suits.  Ange kept reminding the kids that it was these bastards who stole the America's cup from its rightful home.  We kept a wary eye on the locals while quickly munching on our home made cheese and tomate on baguette.

We needed to get some Swiss francs so Henry and I strolled into a branch of our French local... we loped inside in our jandels looking for a counter, a card swallower thingie but there were just too many fountains and leather seats. Turns out it was a private bank, or as a very smart man in flash suit told me: a bank for private customers (aka people who stash things in private boxes... LIKE THE AMERICAS CUP!!!!!!)

All six banks along the waterfront main drag were private (by invitation only) affairs. Bugger.. couldn't find a hole in the wall anywhere.. how do these people shop?

Ange took over the navigation from Lausanne - she took us on the most direct route to Interlaken.  Anyway, we went over the Juan Pass (1650m).. Great stuff.  It took a bit longer, especially considering we were stuck behind grand-dad for a good portion of the up part.  Kids got to see some cool mountains and the glass roof certainly earned its keep.