Saturday, 31 March 2012

Henry Cricket


Henry’s first season of hard ball cricket has come to a successful  end.  He’s done quite well with his inherited skills which thankfully skipped a generation on my side of the family and were assisted with a healthy infusion of cricket genes from the Beeby side of the family.

Most important of all is that he has had real fun even despite his team not picking up any wins.  A great picture up top of him claiming a wicket in last weeks game, along with an ‘almost’ catch in the pic down below.

He has taken up following and watching the Black Caps this session, which I put down as the reason for some of his wayward blocking shots, see the classic Black Caps defensive block on display in the 3rd photo on the right:)

Parent wise its a pretty disruptive weekend sport with games starting at 8:30 and finishing at 12:45.  Although I have to credit Ange for most of the effort this session as I’ve been able to play the health card to full effect.  Also thanks to Ros who has filled in on a number of occasions.

Jury is out as to whether he will continue next year.  


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fast Hill

Jack is growing up fast..  too fast his mum would say after catching an earful of confident back-chatter.  Other aspects of his speed was on display this weekend as he and a few mates shot up the road to the Chelsea Sugar Works for some downhill long-boarding action.   The hill leading down to the sugar works is just the right steepness with just enough windy bits and the all important small incline at the end for stopping.  "What if you have to stop half-way?" I ask..  "No Option - we'll just have to bail Dad". That's not very reassuring but the good news is that he took a mean fall at the skatepark a few weeks back, no damage just a good fright, but this has led to a much more responsible attitude to safety gear.

Don't know how I'm going to keep writing this blog as he gets older (and still get away with making comments like that)..  may have to revert to some sort of code or make the posts private until he turns 25 or something.  Anyway reckon I still have a bit of time as not quite mastered FB yet..  the other night he was supposed to be in bed asleep (school night) and bing: FB tells me my friend has just LIKE'ed something, like 50 seconds ago and its after 11pm = Busted.  Great thats more household chores I won't have to do:)

Anyway here are some pics of his long boarding feats…...

Volvo Magic

Great to see the boats back in the city of sails.. its been too long between drinks.  The Biscuits ventured across to the Viaduct on Saturday afternoon - got a great park in our normal sneaky hiding place just two minutes from all the action.  Auckland turned out a great stop-over venue, our viaduct is perfectly laid out for hosting events like this.  We watched a bit of the in-harbor race,  got a primo spot to watch the boats come in and then headed over the bridge to check out some of the displays.