Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Festival of San Fermín

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It is amazing to see how a new experience can so completely overpower the imagination of a young mind.  All the boys, Jack especially, were completely blown away by the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona. In his words he can't wait to be old enough to come back and experience it again for himself.

We arrived on the afternoon of the 7th (first day of the running) just in time to see the crowds gather for the afternoon's corrida (bullfight). Around this same time the Sangria starts to take its effect on the younger crowds of revelers: there were some interesting sights. 

We woke early the next day and headed back to catch the 2nd running or encierro, which is held each day of the festival at 8am. We managed to arrive just in time to get seats in the stadium from where we watched the running on the big screen and got to see all the "after-match" activities close up.. well close enough.

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