Saturday, 7 November 2009


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It's cricket season.  Henry and James have joined the local Birkenhead club. Jack is content to get in skateboard practice at the "BSP" (as he calls it).

Photo left: Henry made a new friend after his game. A lovely dog called "Spencer".

Second game this week, I missed last weeks game as I was busy with Monarch. 

Both boys seem to be enjoying themselves.. They certainly don't get their enthusiasm from me; I was useless at cricket and as a result never really showed much interest in the game.  However grandma and her sister were both (still are) cricket mad: they played Women's cricket for Natal and even the Springbok invitation side. Hopefully the cricket gene skips a generation!!

IMG_4587   IMG_4592
Henry is perfecting his "up in the air" slice   Mum is getting excited!

Ros you need to take the boys down to the park and give them some training.