Thursday, 8 May 2008

Shopping in Bordeaux (er I mean Medical in Bordeaux)


Well the weather played right into my hands. After moderate temps at home first thing in the morning, the day developed into a scorcher. Knowing I had about 10km of walking to do in Bordeaux to get to the medical centre and cover all the shopping streets I had worn my sensible and very comfortable boots. Comfortable they were until the heat hit, so my first shopping purchase was a pair of flat, comfy, rather stylely sneakers. Perfect, see picture below.

Next up was the medical, phew I too can confirm like Don that I do not have TB. So after an hour and a half I was free to explore the shops at my leisure.

Bordeaux has great shopping with one street pretty much dedicated to all the designer labels. However it's a town with contrast, the rich and the poor. Along the designer strip there were many beggars seeking money.

Along Rue Saint Catherine which is about 2km long, you have all the main "high street" shops. Because the sun was still beating down, my next purchase was a fab sunfrock, followed by a cheeky little tank. And then fearing my legs would not recover from all the walking, some lovely bath salts to soak in from the gorgeous l'occitane shop.

So a weary Angela caught the train just after 6pm for the 2 hour train journey home.